Business concept and goals

The road from concept to dividends

To create value for shareholders, we must have good capacity to steer the Group in the direction of leading positions in attractive niches. Competitive advantages are generated within these niches by means of innovative product development and efficient production, distribution and marketing. In turn, the chain leads to products with high customer value.

Our business concept

The VBG Group will, within selected product and market segments, acquire, own and develop industrial companies in business-to-business commerce with strong brands and good growth potential. Based on a long-term commitment and with a focus on growth and profitability, the VBG Group’s shareholders will be offered attractive value growth.

Our goals

Through growth we achieve a position of strength in relation to other players in the value chain: suppliers, distributors and competitors. Growth that is sustainable and profitable also creates the necessary conditions for long-term financial strength and healthy returns for shareholders.

Growth target: >10% Average annual turnover growth over a five-year period, of which 5% attributable to actual organic growth and 5% to structural growth.

Profitability target: The goal for the Group is to reach an EBITA margin of at least 15 percent.

Good dividends

In accordance with our dividend policy, we normally distribute 30 per cent of net profit to the shareholders. Read more about our share and dividends under Investors.