Code of Conduct

What we do and how we do it is important. We always want to do the right thing.

Our Code of Conduct is a summary of the most important rules and principles that guide our business decisions and behaviors.

As VBG Group employees, we all carry responsibility towards our colleagues, business partners, society, and the environment. By acting with honesty and good intentions, complying with applicable laws and regulations, we protect and preserve the trust for our Group.

VBG Group’s mission is to create a safer society. The Code of Conduct embodies our core ethical values and lays the foundation for our actions. It is valid for all VBG Group employees worldwide.

You can read the complete VBG Group Code of Conduct by clicking the headings or downloading the PDF below.

Scope of application

The VBG Group Code of Conduct has been adopted to underscore the principles by which the Group conducts its relations with employees, business partners and other stakeholders. It applies to all members of the Board of Directors, and all employed by the VBG Group.

The VBG Group encourages suppliers, dealers, consultants and other business partners within its sphere of influence to adopt these principles.  In the assessment of potential and current suppliers, the principles described in this document shall be applied.