The Group's fundamental strategy, which applies to all four divisions, is based on a niche approach and risk distribution.

For many years, our strategy has been to identify internationally emerging niches in which our divisions can distinguish themselves by means of sought-after brands and products. Our ambition is for every division to be, or to have the potential to establish themselves in the long-term as, the number one or number two player in their respective niches, with good long-term growth and profitability as a result.

Group-wide strategies

Strong brands and leading market positions in selected niches Easier to realise transactions. Additional sales through already-strong brands.
Easier to acquire.
Enhanced bargaining position in the value chain.
High customer value in the products Higher sales value. Good resistance to price pressure. Generates opportunities for long-term stable turnover.
Diversified customer base Not dependent on a few income sources. Strong bargaining position.

Examples of activities conducted during the year and future focus areas are provided in our Annual Report.

For more information regarding the strategy related to acquisition of companies, refer to our acquisition strategy.