This is the VBG Group

4,580 sek m
Net sales 2022
558 sek m
Operating profit (EBITA) 2022
14.73 SEK
Earnings per share 2022
60,8 %
Equity/assets ratio 2022
1 773
Number of employees end of 2022

The VBG Group is an international industrial group with more than 1 800 employees in 14 countries. The Parent Company VBG Group AB is a long-term owner that provides active management of the Group’s three wholly owned divisions through considerable industrial expertise, a strong corporate culture and financial resilience.

The Group’s divisions – Truck & Trailer  Equipment, Mobile Thermal Solutions and Ringfeder Power Transmission – develop, manufacture, market and sell products under strong, well-known brands all over the world.


VBG Group AB’s Series B share was introduced on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1987 and is listed today on the Mid Cap list.

Stable, long-term principal owners

The VBG Group’s principal owners comprise three foundations that were established by the Group’s founder, Herman Krefting. The stable ownership structure enables us to steer the Group and the divisions from a long-term perspective.

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Considerable industrial expertise

The VBG Group possesses considerable industrial expertise in the form of an industrially experienced Board of Directors and a Parent Company and Division Management teams comprising industrially experienced individuals.

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Down-to-earth culture

The VBG Group is characterised by a down-to-earth, strong corporate culture, which is summarised in the company’s shared values – Keystones. Our corporate culture is also reflected in our VBG Group Code of Conduct. Together, the Keystones and Code of Conduct form a compass that guides us in our strategic decisions and day-to-day work.

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Long-term financial strength

The VBG Group has enjoyed very stable growth since its initial listing on the stock exchange in 1987 and has built up a strong financial position over the years. The Group’s strong financial position creates conditions for acquisitions and investments, even during periods of economic downturn.

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Strategic governance and development

The Group’s head office in Sweden works primarily on stock-exchange related issues and overall Group-level issues such as strategic development, financing, risk management, acquisition and policy matters. We also work closely with the Group’s operational activities relating to the strategic governance and monitoring of the divisions.

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Focus on attractive niches

For many years, our strategy has been to identify internationally emerging niches in which our divisions can distinguish themselves by means of sought-after brands and products.

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Key figures

  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Net sales, SEK M 4 580,0 3611,2 3,147.2 3,725.4 3,492.4
Operating profit 527.2 456.0 353.4 435 417.6 
Profit after financial items, SEK M 487.8 441.4 326.5 397 373.1 
Profit after tax, SEK M 368.3 337.1 226.7 299.5 273.0 
Earnings per share, SEK 14.73 13.48 9.07 11.98 10.92 
ROCE, % 11.6 12.2 9.8 12.4 13.2 
Equity/assets ratio, % 60.8 59.9 58.7 57.8 56.7 
Average number of employees 1731 1600 1 486 1 596 1,561