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The VBG Group offers an attractive and stimulating workplace. Our vision is make a difference by creating the products and services of the future. All of our employees play an active role in this work.


Working for the VBG Group gives you a chance to make a difference. All employees, regardless of their role, contribute to the end result. The VBG Group is characterized by a strong, down-to-earth corporate culture, where all employees should feel appreciated and be expected to assume responsibility for their contribution to the development of the company. Our strong corporate culture is summarised in our shared values, which we refer to as our Keystones. Our Keystones express how we want to act towards each other and our external environment. Read more about the VBG Group’s Keystones. Our corporate culture is also reflected in our VBG Group Code of Conduct. Together, the Keystones and Code of Conduct form a compass that guides us in our strategic decisions and day-to-day work. Read more about VBG Group’s Code of Conduct.


A secure workplace

The VBG Group’s principal owners comprise three foundations that were established by the Group’s founder, Herman Krefting. This ensures that the Group has long-term, stable owners which, in turn, makes us a long-term, stable employer that makes every effort to create and maintain long-lasting employment. Simply put, we offer a secure workplace. 


Stimulating global workplace

With 1 800 employees in 14 countries worldwide, the VBG Group is also a global workplace. We offer excellent opportunities to work abroad as well as a chance to build a career within the Group. For people looking for a change, we also offer opportunities to grow and try out new career paths without leaving the VBG Group. The Group is involved in everything from development, design and production to finances, marketing and IT – and offers a wide range of roles in all of these areas. Development engineer, CNC operator, customer service representative and IT technician are only a few examples.


Competency development part of our identity

A crucial part of offering a stimulating workplace involves creating opportunities for ongoing competency development. Encouraging and giving all employees a chance for further training is part of the VBG Group’s identity. Each division is responsible for its own internal competency development.


The VBG Group offers both needs-based and individually tailored training programmes as well as certain general training programmes for employees in all divisions.


At the VBG Group Academy, we offer training in prioritised areas for the Group and divisional management teams as well as senior executives. Since 2010, the VBG Group has worked with KTH Executive School and Chalmers Professional Education as suppliers of management courses within the Group. The courses include Industrial Management, R&D Management, Production Management and Lean.

Christina Holgerson

EVP, Corporate Responsibility & Group HR


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