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Corporate Governance

VBG Group AB (publ) is a Swedish limited company, whose B shares have been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1987, where they are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap, Since 1 January 2009. VBG Group AB has been applying the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the Code). The Code is part of the self-regulation within the Swedish business community and is based on the principle “follow or explain”. This means that companies that apply the Code can deviate from individual rules but must then provide an explanation in which the reasons for each deviation are reported.


Distribution of responsibilities

Responsibility for management and control of the group is distributed between the shareholders at the general meeting, the board, its elected committees and the managing director, according to the Swedish Companies Act, other laws and regulations, applicable rules for stock market companies, the articles of association and the board's internal governing documents.


Corporate governance model

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