Mobile Thermal Solutions

1 763 SEK M
Sales 2021
49 %
Share of Group Sales 2021
157 SEK M
EBITA 2021
9 %
EBITA margin 2021
Number of employees 2021

Mobile Thermal Solutions develops, manufactures and sells complete climate control systems for commercial vehicles and is an industry leader in North America and Europe. Climate control systems (HVAC systems) include heating, ventilation, air conditioning and controls.

Customised climate systems

Mobile Thermal Solutions is active in the market for climate control systems for buses, off-road, utility and defence vehicles. The division is focused on customised solutions in small to medium-sized series. Its solutions include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and controls, as well as a wide range of associated components. 

The division’s largest market is North America, with about 78 per cent of sales, while the European market accounts for about 15 per cent of sales. The remaining 7% of sales are mainly in China, South Africa and Brazil.


Mobile Thermal Solutions two main market segments are:

  1. manufacturers of buses, such as transit, coach, school and shuttle buses
  2. manufacturers of off-road vehicles for construction, agriculture, forestry, mining and materials handling as well as utility vehicles such as delivery vans, refuse collection trucks, ambulances and fire trucks

The division has two brands Bus Climate Control (BCC) and Mobile Climate Control (MCC). 


The market for climate control systems has an annual turnover of almost SEK 4.5 billion in North America and about SEK 5 billion in Europe. It is influenced by macro trends such as urbanisation and greater environmental consideration in response to rising carbon emissions, among other factors. Demand is also expected to increase for higher quality climate control systems that improve comfort, and this is expected to have a positive impact on the division’s operations.