Ringfeder Power Transmission

717 SEK M
Sales 2022
16 %
Share of Group sales 2022
114 SEK M
EBITA 2022
16 %
EBITA margin 2022
Number of employees 2022

On the basis of its own, clearly positioned brands, Ringfeder Power Transmission offers technically leading products and systems for use in the areas of mechanical power transmission as well as energy and shock absorption.

Internationally leading brands

Ringfeder Power Transmission has more than 20 product lines among its Ringfeder, Henfel and Carlyle Johnson brands. The division’s shaft and hub couplings account for the largest share of turnover. These types of couplings are commonly used in cranes and hoisting devices. Shrink discs comprise another of the division’s products and can be found in transmissions for industrial use. The division’s friction springs is the product category on which the business was founded more than 100 years ago. Currently, it accounts for less than one-quarter of the division’s turnover. Friction springs are used, for example, in the aerospace industry as damping components in the system for adjusting the position of the wing flaps, and as overload protection in emergency exit systems. Friction springs are also used to earthquake-proof buildings, bridges and power plants.


Ringfeder Power Transmission has more than 4,000 customers worldwide.  In simplified terms, the division targets customers in 16 different segments. Among the largest segments are mines, metals and energy production. The fastest growing segments are pumps and foods. In addition, the division is concentrating on increasing its exposure in the industrial automation segment. It also aims to grow in the aftermarkets of several of its customer segments.


The market is highly fragmented with few major players. Ringfeder Power Transmission has a major competitive advantage thanks to its size, expertise, broad product portfolio and high-quality products.

The mining, oil and gas industries are among the most important market segments for Ringfeder Power Transmission. Demand from these segments largely correlates with the trend in commodities. In the Asian and South American growth markets, industrial manufacturing is steadily growing, which drives demand for Ringfeder Power Transmission’s products. In the mature Western European and North American markets, constantly higher rationalisations drive the need for automation, which benefits the division.