Truck & Trailer Equipment

1054 SEK M
Sales 2020
34 %
Share of Group sales 2020
189 SEK M
Operating profit (EBIT) 2020
18.5 %
EBITA margin 2020
Number of employees 2020

Truck & Trailer Equipment offers products and services that contribute significant value for customers and users in the form of increased reliability, personal safety and efficiency.

Leading brands and customer value

The division’s two brands for drawbar couplings, VBG and Ringfeder, account for more than 50 per cent of the world market. VBG is the leader in Scandinavia and the UK, while Ringfeder is strong in the rest of Europe and other markets, such as Australia. Truck & Trailer Equipment also holds a world-leading position in automatic tyre chains through the Onspot brand, with a market share of approximately 65 per cent and well-established sales in North America.

Edscha Trailer Systems has the market’s broadest product portfolio for the conversion of tarpaulin-covered trailers, with a focus on trailers for road transport. The brand also has a product range for railway wagons and tipper vehicles. The Edscha Trailer Systems and Sesam brands are well known and strong, among both customers and end users.


The division pursues sales in approximately 70
countries, in which its offering is addressed to several different
customer groups.
• For drawbar couplings, the most common customer segment is body builders.
• For automatic tire chains, the most common customer segment is users of commercial goods vehicles and emergency vehicles.
• For sliding roofs, the largest customer segment is manufacturers of tarpaulin-covered trailers.

Truck & Trailer Equipment’s continual focus on traffic safety has gained the division a reputation as a knowledgeable, value-creating partner in the area. The ability to deliver customized systems solutions rather than individual products is the division’s
strongest competitive advantage.

For several years, Truck & Trailer Equipment has played an active role in the work to reduce carbon emissions. The division has taken part in several projects associated with longer, heavier vehicle combinations that have resulted in lower fuel consumption per ton shipped. Truck & Trailer Equipment is well positioned to meet changing customer needs going forward.