News 6/20/2018

2017 Supplier of the Year announced

Each year, VBG Group’s VBG Truck Equipment division gives out a Supplier of the Year award with the aim of encouraging and rewarding supplier excellence. This year, the French forged and machined components company, Stevenin Nollevaux, received the 2017 Supplier of the Year award.

Becoming Supplier of the Year for VBG Truck Equipment requires 100 percent delivery precision, zero quality issues and an extremely high level of service. It is also important that the supplier has a high level of technical expertise, is able to maintain favourable cost levels, and is quality and environmentally certified.

“Stevenin Nollevaux manufactures small, forged components for our coupling brands: VBG and Ringfeder. In addition to meeting our stringent delivery and quality requirements, the company has proved very competitive, and won many new contracts with us of late. We also find Stevenin Nollevaux very customer-centric and flexible. They won our award previously in 2012, which I believe confirms that we have, for a long time, viewed them as one of our top suppliers,” says Purchasing Director Per Sandberg.

The prize, which comprises a diploma and a joint business lunch, is awarded by VBG Truck Equipment’s department for strategic purchasing and logistics. The prize was awarded in May.

VBG Truck Equipment’s operations in Sweden currently use around 160 different suppliers. However, the aim is to reduce the number of suppliers to 100–120 by 2022.

“Our main focus is on lowering costs and raising efficiency, which I believe will lead to increased competitiveness for ourselves and for our suppliers,” concludes Per Sandberg.

Vinnaren Årets leverantör

The picture shows from left to right: Thierry Latour, CEO of Stevenin Nollevaux, Cecilia Cooper, Logistics Manager at VBG Truck Equipment, Benny Ohlsson, Materials Planner at VBG Truck Equipment, Per Sandberg, Strategic Purchasing Director at VBG Truck Equipment.