Press release 9/9/2022

VBG Group adopts new sustainability targets

VBG Group's Board of Directors has adopted new sustainability targets for the Group. The targets cover the period 2023 to 2030 and increase the ambition for VBG Group's sustainability work.

VBG Group stands behind all 17 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new sustainability targets are designed to support the SDGs and to guide the Group towards long-term sustainable development.

VBG Group's sustainability targets in brief:

• Greenhouse gases (GHG) - 50% reduction of GHG (scope 1 and 2) by 2030 (reference year 2022)

Reduced waste – reduce hazardous waste by 50% and total waste by 25% by 2030

Responsible business - 100% of suppliers of direct production materials must sign VBG Group's Code of Conduct and 100% of our top suppliers and our own production facilities must be certified according to ISO 14001 by 2030

Diversity and inclusion – VBG Group must increase the proportion of women to 30% by 2030, the number of managers must follow the proportion of women in total in the group and the ambition is to always have at least one woman in management groups. We have zero tolerance for discrimination.

Safety – Our goal is that no work-related accidents should occur, and we work to ensure that our products create a safer society.

” I am very pleased to have the new necessary sustainability targets in place, says Christina Holgerson, responsible for sustainability within the Group. The industry has an important role to play and our new targets focus on limiting the impact our value chains have on the climate. Sustainability work is an important part of our strategy going forward and our new targets are well in line with our higher purpose of creating a safer society.”

VBG Group's sustainability work is reported annually in the Group Annual Report and more information about the work is available at