Goal-oriented sustainability efforts

The core of VBG Group’s operations is to work for increased safety in society by offering solutions with high customer value that are sustainable over time. Our sustainability agenda is intended to strengthen our contribution to sustainable development through focused efforts on achieving our long-term sustainability goals. 

Responsible entrepreneurship that safeguards people, society and the environment is a prerequisite for being a strong company over the long term. This is important to us and to our stakeholders. VBG Group’s sustainability agenda has been integrated into our business strategy, which means that both the Group and the divisions are covered by the sustainability goals. 

VBG Group has been working with sustainability targets for the period 2017-2022. New sustainability targets were decided during 2022 for the period 2023-2030.

Read more about our sustainability work in our Annual Report.

In 2020, we developed a new framework for our sustainability agenda that highlights our impact in three areas:

  • Products & Solutions
  • Production & Supply chain
  • People & Society.

The Code of Conduct – a guiding principle inside and outside the Group

Our sustainability efforts are built on the VBG Group Code of Conduct, adopted by the Board of Directors of VBG Group in 2010. During 2022 a major update of the document was made. The purpose of the code is to elucidate the approach we take in relation to our stakeholders, both internal and external, and what demands we place on ourselves and on others.

The Code of Conduct covers all divisions in the Group. It can be regarded as a guiding principle for our employees and collaborating partners. By applying the Code, we are complying with current laws and ordinances in the countries where we operate, the UN’s Global Compact for corporate social responsibility, the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international agreements and guidelines.

I addition to the Code of Conduct our we base our sustainability work on our Group values - keystones.

Since March 2022, VBG Group has signed the global UN initiative United Nations Global Compact. By signing, VBG Group take responsibility to promote the UN's 17 goals for sustainable development and to work for ten principles that are linked to international conventions on human rights, labor law, the environment and the fight against corruption.

VBG Group's sustainability targets 2023-2030