Strategic governance

VBG Group AB focuses on overall Group-level issues such as strategic development, financing, acquisition and policy matters. We also work closely with the Group’s operational activities relating to the strategic governance of the divisions, which encompass everything from business development and quality control to strategic work within IT and HR, as well as financial control. Each division is responsible for its own targets and strategies, which are approved and monitored by both the Board and the Parent Company.

In accordance with their regulations, VBG Group AB’s Managing Director is to be a Board member of all three owner-foundations and the Parent Company’s Chairman is to have a seat on the foundation with the greatest share of votes. This entails that there are strong connections between VBG Group’s Management, Board of Directors and principal owner, and first and foremost, considerable industrial expertise among the principal owners.

In the Parent Company, we work systematically to map out areas of development and to identify good examples that can be broadly utilised within the Group. One example is in the field of digitalisation, where VBG Truck Equipment successfully began marketing the Onspot brand through digital channels. The new work method will be transferred to other brands moving forward. Another example is Mobile Climate Control’s extensive expertise within mechatronics and connectivity. These are fields of technology that are expected to become highly important for several of the Group’s other divisions.

VBG Group AB is responsible for the strategic governance of the Group as a whole. This involves the approval and follow-up of divisional targets and strategies. The Parent Company’s responsibility also includes identifying and implementing strategic acquisitions and providing support in the form of industrial expertise, the allocation of capital, strategic HR work to ensure that the operations’ long-term competency requirements are secured, as well as strategic IT work and the operation of all shared IT systems.

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