Documents for suppliers to VBG Group Truck Equipment AB

VBG Group Truck Equipment AB (VBG TE) is part of the automotive industry supplying coupling equipment and automatic snow chains to customers worldwide. Our main production is located in Vänersborg, Sweden and we have our main European logistic service center in Beringen, Belgium.  Serving the global automotive industry, VBG TE, applies business processes, terms and conditions in line with industry practice.

Through implementation and adherence to the standards stated herein, VBG TE looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers.

These documents and manuals have been created to assist our suppliers in understanding the overall sustainability and purchasing expectations, quality requirements and the logistic demands for products and services supplied to the VBG TE.

They are also tools to assist VBG TE complying with the IATF 16949 Quality Management System standards and through our membership in the UN Global Compact, we are showing our support and committing to improve our operations sustainable and long-term and to develop our suppliers in the same directions.
To ensure a good understanding of our demands and way of working, it is necessary for our supplier base to read and follow these guidelines.

Supplier documents

Supplier Manual

General information and a manual to assist our suppliers to supply to VBG TE in accordance with our expectations.

VBG Group - Code of Conduct

As a provider of goods and/or services to VBG Group Truck Equipment we would like you to be aware of the formal Code of Conduct that is implemented and adapted through all divisions of the VBG Group.

The VBG Group encourages all our suppliers, consultants and other business partners within its sphere of influence to adapt to these principles. We therefore like to ask you to send a signed acknowledgement in return that your company will adapt to these principles, or a signed copy of your equivalent set of guidelines which you need to adhere to for the regular business within your company.

General Purchasing Terms VBG Group Truck Equipment AB 

Supplier Change Request (SCR) template

The Supplier Change Request (SCR) is a standardized format for suppliers to notify VBG TE of any Product or Process change. When completed, this form should be e-mailed to responsible strategic purchaser at VBG TE. It is important that no change is ever implemented prior to written approval by VBG TE.

Pallet Label and Barcode Specification

Guideline to describe the minimum requirement of the pallet label and barcode specifications. This is applicable for all supply for serial production to VBG TE.

Quality documents and templates

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) - Part Submission Warrant

The PPAP with all requested documentation and samples according to the APQP process shall be available or submitted on the agreed date. This process shall show that all requirements specified in our drawings and specifications are fulfilled

The deviation report system – AM system

Instruction and manual to VBG TE´s deviation report system, the AM system

Routine 5 Whys

Information to create an understanding of and how to use the problem solving method 5 whys utilized by VBG TE.



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