Pressmeddelande 2021-04-29

Report from the annual general meeting in VBG Group AB (publ) on 29 April 2021

VBG Group AB has on 29 April 2021 held its annual general meeting. In order to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, the general meeting was held solely by postal voting and without any physical attendance. The general meeting resolved in accordance with all proposals submitted by the board of directors and the nomination committee.


The meeting resolved, in accordance with the board of directors’ proposal, that a dividend of SEK 4.50 is to be paid to the shareholders. The record date for the right to receive dividends was resolved to be 3 May 2021. Payment of the dividends by Euroclear Sweden AB is expected to be initiated on 6 May 2021.


The annual general meeting resolved that the renumeration to the board of directors shall amount to a total of SEK 1,960,000, of which SEK 660,000 shall be awarded to the chairman of the board and SEK 275,000 to each of the other ordinary members of the board. Of the total renumeration, SEK 150,000 shall be awarded to the audit committee and SEK 50,000 shall be awarded to the renumeration committee, to be allocated by the board of directors. No renumeration shall be awarded to the CEO.

The renumeration to the auditor shall be paid in accordance with approved invoice.

The board of directors and auditor

The annual general meeting resolved to discharge from liability each of the members of the board and the CEO.

Johnny Alvarsson, Peter Augustsson, Louise Nicolin, Mats R Karlsson, Anna Stålenbring, and Anders Birgersson were re-elected as ordinary members of the board. Johnny Alvarsson was re-elected as chairman of the board.

The registered auditing firm EY Sweden AB, with auditor-in-charge Andreas Mast, was elected as auditor for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting.


The annual general meeting resolved to authorize the board of directors to, on one or several occasions until the annual general meeting 2022, resolve to transfer the company’s acquired own shares with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights and that payment may be made with non-cash consideration. The authorization enables the board to sell the company’s own shares as payment for acquired companies.

Remuneration report

The annual general meeting approved the board of director’s remuneration report

Nomination committee

The annual general meeting resolved to elect a nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2022 consisting of Göran Bengtsson (Herman Krefting Foundation for Allergy and Asthma Research), Johnny Alvarsson (Chairman of the Board of VBG Group AB), Johan Lannebo (Lannebo Fonder) and Elisabet Jamal Bergström (SEB Asset Management SA). Göran Bengtsson was elected chairman of the nomination committee.

All resolutions were made in accordance with the proposals available prior to the annual general meeting. The complete proposals are published on the company’s website